Key Investment Team Members

The Investment Team conducts investment research, determines a Fund's investment strategy, invests the assets of a Fund and reviews a Fund's portfolio and investment performance. The following are the key members of the Investment Team, and all of them hold the Capital Markets and Services Representative Licence issued by the Securities Commission:

Jolynn Kek Yen Ai Head of Equities, Investment

  • Jolynn Kek joined BOSWM MY (formerly known as Pacific Mutual Fund Bhd) in July 2018.
  • As the Head of Equities, she is responsible for the fund performance and management of equity and equity-related portfolios, including investment strategies formulation
  • She was previously an investment manager at the Malaysian unit of a global investment management firm, managing Malaysian institutional investments in the domestic equity market while providing research coverage on South East Asia and South Asia equity investments for the wider group.
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Accounting (Oxford Brookes University); ACCA programme (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Tan Yee Cheng Equity Specialist, Investment

  • Tan Yee Cheng has over 23 years of experience in investment research and fund management. Prior to joining BOSWM MY (formerly known as Pacific Mutual) in May 2007 as Senior Manager, Investment, she was an investment manager in an American-based insurance company. She had earlier worked as a senior analyst and a research manager at two local stockbroking firms and headed the investment research of a local unit trust company.
  • Master of Science in Economics (University of Idaho, USA); CFA® charterholder (CFA Institute).

Oh Jo Ann Senior Manager, Investment

  • Oh Jo Ann is responsible for the management of fixed income portfolios, execution of fixed income transactions and the management of a range of feeder funds offered by the Manager. She conducts analysis and selection of individual fixed income securities. Her analysis of the domestic macro backdrop forms the basis for the overall fixed income investment strategy. She started her investment career with the Manager in January 2003 as an equities analyst before moving on to working on the fixed income portfolio in 2004. She has over 17 years of experience in fixed income investment research and fund management and has experience handling Shariah and non-Shariah-compliant fixed income portfolios as well as feeder funds.
  • Bachelor of Management (Honours) in Finance (Universiti Sains Malaysia); CFA® charterholder (CFA Institute).