Investment Planning

Personal Investment Planner That May Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Are you saving for a dream home or a dream vacation? A comfortable retirement or your child's education? No matter what you are saving for, the question remains "Will you have enough money for the future?" With the right financial planning, the answer is "Yes".

Financial planning goes beyond mere numbers. It is a matter of understanding your life today and your aspirations for the future. Many people plan for their future without a strategy in place and without realising that effective money management requires expertise.

To achieve total financial fitness, you need financial planning that combines your desires and resources to build a "road map" to achieve your financial goals.

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Higher Education Financial Planner For Your Child's Bright Future

"Knowledge Is Power". A sound education is the best gift you can give your child because no one can ever take that away. More than just opening doors to career opportunities and financial security, a tertiary education will broaden your child's intellectual horizon. 

The competition for obtaining placement in our local universities is pushing students to look for other alternatives such as studying abroad or pursuing a twinning programme or enrolling in private universities in Malaysia. The problem persists: these alternatives are extremely costly.

BOSWM MY's Higher Education Financial Planner aims to help you plan ahead financially for your child's education.

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Retirement Financial Planner For A Comfortable Retirement

Life is a long and winding journey during which you will have many ups and downs and many questions go unanswered. What do you want to be? Where do you want to go? Where will you be when you retire? Can you get there from where you are now? Do you have a retirement plan? Do you have young children who may need your financial support later?

Everyone has to retire one day. What is your retirement plan? Take up a new hobby? Go on a world tour? Buy a vacation home? No matter what your dreams are, the ultimate question is, "Will you have the financial resources to realise your dreams?"

This section helps you answer all those questions, discover what your goals should be, what you need and how you should plan to achieve them. BOSWM MY's Retirement Financial Planner shows you the way to effective financial planning and management to make all your dreams come true.

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