E-Service for all

Introducing BOSWM MY's E-Service.

E-Service gives you more control over your investments.

E-Service integrates you with BOSWM MY, creating an ideal environment for maximum efficiency in service and communication.

Enjoy greater value of service with the power of the Internet


A click of the mouse, any time, any day, BOSWM MY's E-Service gives you access to your latest personal investment information at BOSWM MY. A personal User ID and Password gives you private, secured access to your investment information. E-Service — helping you review and reposition your investments whenever appropriate.


With BOSWM MY's E-Service, you can have immediate access to your personal and group sales data. This will help you to plan, strategise and build your unit trust business.

E-Service is the integration of personal consolidated account statement, fund performance information and investment planning thus providing a one-stop site that helps you to make informed decisions.

E-Service breaks the traditional boundaries of Customer Relationship Management and opens new frontier of service quality.

Investment Information, 24/7, Anywhere

E-Service is accessible wherever you have access to the Internet. These days, that means almost anywhere. In the workplace. The comfort of home. Or even in a distant country. It's your convenient link to your personal investment information, wherever you are, seven days a week, round the clock. Harness the power of technology to your personal advantage.

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